With our huge background in additive manufacturing and even other manufacturing processes, we aim to provide our knowledge to you. Enabling you to make better parts and products.


Not sure how to get your additive-manufactured parts qualified for use? Our team has a framework to help you get started on this process.

Parts Consultation

Transitioning to additive manufacturing might be a huge step and navigating this process might seem daunting. Our dedicated team specialises in assessing parts for new projects or those previously manufactured using traditional methods. We facilitate a smooth transition to additive manufacturing, making it more cost-effective for spares or even production.

Manufacturing Methods

With a host of additive manufacturing technologies and other traditional manufacturing methods, our team can recommend the optimal method to manufacture your parts.

Material Selection

With over 100+ materials and more in development, choosing the right material for the application is crucial in achieving its intended purpose and requirements.

Product Development

Have the intention to use additive manufacturing for your product development but not sure where to start? Our team can assist with the development process of new products and projects, leveraging additive manufacturing to optimise your design.

Start your additive manufacturing journey with us today!

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