Beyond Bynd, CAD, 3D Modelling, 3D Design Service Singapore


The foundation of any great product is a great design. That is why our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to reality. From engineering drawings to modelling, we cover a wide range of design components whether it is for commercial, industrial, or personal purposes.

Our Design Services

3D Models

Bring your product to life by converting your hand drawings into a parametric movable object in a 3D Digital Space or recreate your engineering drawings into 3D Objects for refinement, redesign, and even optimisation.

Design Optimisation

Find the best possible design parameters which satisfy the design requirements by maximising material to the performance of its mechanical structure.

Design For Manufacturing

Ensure your design is ready for manufacturing by designing the parts and components with the ease of manufacturing in mind, resulting in a better product at a lower cost.

Engineering Drawings

When your design is finalised, the engineering drawings will be used to ensure that your parts are in specification. It contains all the information and requirements needed to manufacture the part.

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