At the core of every exceptional product lies an impeccable design, and our committed team is devoted to transforming your vision into a tangible reality. With expertise ranging from meticulous engineering drawings to comprehensive modelling, we specialize in a diverse array of design components tailored for commercial, industrial, or personal objectives. Our unwavering dedication ensures that your product not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of quality and innovation. Partner with us to bring your ideas to life through a seamless fusion of creativity and precision.

Our Design Services

Reverse Engineering

From out-of-production to broken parts, our reverse engineering services help to get your machines and products running. While having the capability to improve the part to achieve higher reliability.

3D Scanning

Our 3D scanning services go hand in hand with our reverse engineering services which foster the ability to capture complex part geometry quickly and cost-effectively. Enabling you to build a digital library quicker.


CAD-as-a-Service, also known as CaaS for short, is the ability to turn your hand drawings and 2D drawings into 3D models. We also have the capability to produce 2D drawings to facilitate quality manufacturing.

Product Design

Bring your product to life with our team as we create the product by balancing functionality, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, and user satisfaction to create a successful and competitive product.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

A new design service, to cater the design for the correct process. In the additive manufacturing space, each process has different design characteristics and advantages. We take this into mind and take advantage of the unique capabilities of additive manufacturing, such as the ability to create complex geometries and lightweight structures.

Design for Manufacturing

Depending on the manufacturing process, part design has to be catered to the process. Be it CNC machining or Injection Moulding we design products in a way that makes them easy and cost-effective to manufacture. The goal is to optimize the manufacturing process, reduce production costs, and improve product quality.

Topology Optimisation

By using a mathematical approach, we are able to find the optimal material distribution given design space, subject to certain constraints, in order to achieve the best performance of a structure or system. By having the most efficient layout of the material to meet the specific performance criteria it helps to minimise weight and cost.

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