IAMG Alfa-280

An industrial 3D printer for metal product manufacturing — a perfect solution for both prototyping and small-batch production.

Open Platform

With open post-processor settings, this enables unlimited experimentation, parameter optimisation and printing modes to achieve the required quality requirements.

Hermetic Build Chamber

A completely sealed build chamber allows the possibility of both preparation of the printing process and then unpacking of finished products without any use of additional personal protective equipment.

Excellent Productivity and Stability

Using a European-made high-precision single-mode ytterbium laser with continuous radiation and air cooling allows for a 100% consistent power output that ensures reproducible results.

Build-in Industrial Video Camera

Continuously monitor the build process and archive data with high-resolution images.

Filter Regeneration System

Self-cleaning of filtering elements which reduces the cost and frequency of replacement of gas filters.

Variable Laser Beam Focus Diameter

The laser beam can focus from 75 to 200μm expanding the operational parameters of printing for achieving the required productivity and product quality.

Heated Build Plate

With the build plate reaching up to 200°С, it significantly reduces internal stresses in the manufactured products.

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