Stereolithography (SLA)

A vat photopolymerization process, Stereolithography or SLA for short, is commonly the base technology for LCD, MSLA and DLP. In simpler terms, resin printing. The liquid resin is cured using a UV light source or laser to create solid, highly detailed and accurate parts. Over the years specialised materials have continued to be developed to meet the ever-challenging requirements and demands of our engineering needs.

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Our Capabilities

Max Print Size

Prototyping: 127 x 80 x 150mm
Industrial: 1000 x 1000 x 600mm

Layer Thickness

Standard: 50/100um (Material Dependent)

Our Stereolithography (SLA) Materials

We carry some of the widest range of materials in the region to meet some of the most demanding engineering requirements. Some notable materials are:


An opaque black photopolymer used in electronics manufacturing where components are needed to be protected from static discharge.

  • Isotropic ESD properties
  • Smooth surface
Flame Retardant HDT

A rigid resin capable of self-extinguishing flames making it suitable for parts in the automotive, railway, aviation and electronics industries

  • UL9-V0 Rated
  • Thermal Degradation at over 250°C

A nano-reinforced composite resin making it the stiffest and strongest material on the market. Highly ideal for rapid tooling and industrial applications.

  • High strength
  • Nano-reinforced

Being one of the strongest photopolymer resins available, it is capable of heavy-duty applications including injection moulding.

  • High strength
  • Good short-term temperature resistance

Beyond Bynd Quality Standards for SLA Parts

We have high standards for parts printed on our SLA platforms. Visual inspection is done on every single part

  • Parts are fully cured to material manufacturer specifications before shipping.
  • All excess resin is removed including from all hollow sections.
  • All support materials and supporting nibs are sanded smooth.
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