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Professional Design and 3D Printing Services

Beyond Bynd is a one-stop solution provider for all your engineering needs, specialising in additive manufacturing. From a single part to the 1000s, with a host of different materials. Lead times are as low as 1 day.

Experts in Engineering Polymers and High-Performance Thermoplastics

Obtain parts that are functional with high isotropy with a huge range of engineering materials like Nylon Carbon Fiber, Polycarbonates as well as High-Performance Thermoplastics like ULTEM, PEKK and PEEK to suit your application. Ready for prototyping and small batch production runs.

Based in Singapore.

Made In Singapore. Ships Globally.

What We Do


From materials, to design optimisation and identifying possible improvements in order to ensure part printability and function.


Need help to turn your ideas into reality? We will help you turn your ideas into 3D models and drawings which is essential for manufacturing.

3D Printing

With No Minimum Order Quantity, we are able to print from a single piece for prototyping or 100-1000 pieces for small batch production is not a problem for us with our wide range of materials and fast turnaround time.

Post Processing

Make your parts look extra special. We have a wide range of finishes to help achieve your desired finishing. From simple support removal to painting


Sometimes additive manufacturing is not the most ideal for the product or part and other means of manufacturing have better benefits over 3D Printing.


Want to build your own in-house additive manufacturing capabilities? We distribute our machines and materials too.

3D Printing Technologies


Fused Deposition Modelling uses a nozzle to extrude filament-based materials to print your part.


Selective Laser Sintering fuses powder material by using a laser to selectively heat up and fuse the powder together to create the final part.


Stereolithography uses a laser to selectively cure resin-based materials to create your final part.


Interested to do it on your own? Check out our selection of materials and machines.


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