We offer a comprehensive suite of services, streamlining your experience by providing all-inclusive solutions. By choosing us as your sole supplier, you can smoothly navigate through each stage of the process without the hassle of coordinating with multiple vendors. Our processes seamlessly integrate with yours, guaranteeing exceptional quality every step of the journey.

Design Services

From product design to preparing your components for manufacturing via additive manufacturing, CNC machining, or injection molding, we offer a comprehensive suite of services. This includes 3D scanning, reverse engineering, CAD as a service, and more to ensuring your project is fully supported from concept to production readiness.

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3D Printing

Our wide range of 3D printing capabilities enables us to offer rapid prototyping, contract manufacturing, and an on-demand digital library. Ensuring that our solutions meet the most demanding of challenges with precision and efficiency.

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Post Processing

Whether you require a smoother surface finish, specific colours, or the seamless integration of assembly or insert installation, we have an array of post-processing techniques available to ensure that your components meet your specifications and requirements.

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CNC Machining

From CNC Milling to CNC turning, we have a variety of machining services to meet your engineering requirements.

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Drawing on our expertise in both the manufacturing process and materials, we possess the capability to qualify materials suitable for your specific application. Help us help you on your additive manufacturing journey by ensuring optimal material selection and performance.

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