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Plastic 3D Printing Materials

Choose from commodity materials like ABS to high-performance materials like PEEK, PEKK and ULTEM, including composites with carbon fibre, glass fibres, and more.

Metal 3D Printing Materials

An extensive library of metal materials like Stainless Steel 316 to Inconel 718 to meet the diverse requirements of various industries and applications.

Struggling to make a decision?

With over 100 different material available across different brands and material types, selecting the best material for your application can be daunting. Consult our experienced team to receive expert guidance on the best material for your application.

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Want to purchase these materials for your in-house printing?

We distribute materials from many trusted brands that we also utilise in our in-house production processes. These materials have been validated and proven by many of our satisfied customers. Additionally, they are documented and traceable, ensuring reliability for meeting the stringent requirements of even the most demanding applications.