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Digital On Demand Manufacturing

Get it when you need it. Build your library of parts and get them when you need them.

Why consider Additive Manufacturing?

Reduced time to market

By being able to prototype rapidly, capitalise first in your market. Launch your product early and constantly improve your product based on customer feedback without any significant impact on production or additional reworking of tooling.

Create complex parts

Due to the process being additive in nature, extremely complicated structures that reduce weight, improve thermal exchange efficiencies or airflow, are easy to make. Not to mention the possible benefits of reducing part numbers by combining parts resulting in easier assemblies.

Reducing overall costs

By being able to produce what you need when you need it, it saves on costly warehousing space, and not needing any specialised tooling like moulds and dies complex parts become significantly much more cost-effective without the need for expensive complex moulds that require maintenance, start-up costs, storage space and MOQs.

Quality is a part of what we believe in.

See how we maintain our quality so that we provide you with quality parts.

From plastics to metal, we have materials and solutions to your engineering needs.
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Plastic 3D Printing Materials

Choose from commodity materials like ABS to high-performance materials like PEEK, PEKK, and ULTEM, including composites with carbon fibre, glass fibres and more.

Metal 3D Printing Materials

An extensive library of metal materials like Stainless Steel 316 to Inconel 718 to suit your application across different industries.

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